Routes, Roads, and Maps (of) Literature


题目Routes, Roads, and Maps (of) Literature

报告人Theo D'haen 教授

时间: 2017512日 下午16:30-18:00

地点: 外文学院B508



One of the ironies of the study of world literature is that it only could come into being, along with so-called comparative literature, at a time when the study of “national” literatures started to reign supreme in Europe.  One of the corollaries to these joint developments was that in the study of world literature only European literatures really mattered.  In fact, this was merely a doubling in the field of literary studies of what had been happening also in the field of historiography. Throughout the eighteenth century we see a number of leading philosophers re-centring the world upon Europe, on a par with Europe’s growing centrality, economically, politically, militarily, in the world. “China” plays a major role in this shift. At the turn of the third millennium, though, things have changed again, in the study of world history, but also in the study of world literature, and again “China” plays a major role. I will reflect on these changes in my presentation.


Emeritus Professor of English & Comparative Literature, Leuven University

Emeritus Professor of English & American Literature, Leiden University

Editor-in-Chief, European Review, Academia Europaea